Selling Your Home With One Percent Property


Kedron's Agent Of The Year 2021 &

REIQ Excellence Awards Finalist

We are a full-service-agency offering the same sales services you would expect from a full-price-agency. However, our focus is on delivering the best possible service at the best possible value. We may not be the biggest agency in Brisbane but we have a deep understanding of the Inner North property market and we will work harder than anyone else to help you sell your home!


What makes us different from other agencies?

  • High Service/Low Fee - Our low cost model removes expensive overheads and allows us to deliver a high-end service with the most competitive and owner controlled commission structure in Brisbane! 

  • No Upfront Payment For Advertising - Advertising is one of the most important parts of getting the best possible price for your home but it can be expensive to pay the full costs upfront. Through our partner EasyAdPay our clients are able to get all of the advantages of a great advertising campaign without having to outlay all the money at the start!

  • Negotiation Training - With over ten years of sales and negotiation training & experience I will work tirelessly with you and your buyers to ensure you get the best possible price for your property.

  • Total Accountability - One Percent Property is a small, boutique agency, which means I have total accountability for all aspects of the sale process and I will always strive to ensure you get the absolute best result!

  • Capacity - I do not take on excessive amount of properties. This means I will always be able to focus on your property and put in the maximum effort to get you the best result.

  • Service Guarantee - I give every single customer a signed letter of guarantee outlining the service I will provide and the work ethic I will display while selling your property. If you feel like I am not living up to the guarantee you can end our contract!


Daniel Hooper

Kedron Property Expert