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Top Tier Service, 1% Commission

One Percent Property is an idea that has been born from my love for property and my experience working in sales and property development. At One Percent Property we have removed all of the expensive overheads traditionally associated with a real-estate agency. This means we are able to deliver on the highest quality sales service while only charging a 1% (+gst) commission!

One Percent Property is a full-service-agency offering the same sales services you would expect from a full-price-agency. However, our focus is finding our clients the best possible price for their home while ensuring the experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

The Real Estate Industry Is Due For An Overhaul!

How many times a day do you see a big flashy sign for a local real-estate franchise? If you haven’t noticed the signs, I am sure you will have seen the big offices with large logos in prominent areas. This is all great, but it all costs money and BIG money at that. With this in mind, it is no wonder traditional agents have to charge such high commissions.

Did you know that usually around 40 - 50% of an agent’s commission is taken straight off the top by the office principal, who is probably not involved in the sale of your home? After admin costs and paperwork, it doesn’t leave too much for the agent! This traditional model of real-estate agency operates with huge overhead costs and of course, this means they need to take more money from homeowners like yourself to be sustainable. Money that should really be in the customers pocket not the pocket of the agency!

We think that the real-estate industry is due an overhaul, especially in regard to the commissions that have come to be expected by agents and accepted by homeowners.

We believe that clients should not have to pay huge amounts of commission in order to receive the highest quality customer service and our business model has a strong focus on delivering on this belief.

One Percent Property

One Percent Property is a lean real-estate agency. What this means is that we have cut out all of the expensive overheads costs traditionally associated with an agency, so that we can focus on offering the best possible service at the lowest possible price. We believe that as much of the money from the sale of your home as possible should go back into your pocket, and that is why we operate on a low 1% commission rate (+gst).

It is important to keep in mind that we are a full-service agency, and we offer the same, if not more, attention to detail that you would expect from a full commission agency. We are not a fixed fee/low involvement model.

Boutique Agency

At One Percent Property, we have a real passion for property, and we are focussed on delivering the highest possible customer service and property sales experience, while maintaining low costs and low commissions. We are a small agency; we do not have a large flashy office or massive overhead costs.

Our goal is to deliver a targeted and focussed effort to sell your property while ensuring the experience is as enjoyable as possible for you. In order to achieve this goal, we limit the number of clients we take on, to ensure we can offer the best possible service and results.

Trained Negotiator

Before the launch of One Percent Property I have been involved in sales and marketing for more than twelve years. Starting in a role of selling credit cards at the age of eighteen and moving through to property sales in my early twenties, in more recent years I have spent five years in Dubai selling and brokering international commodity deals.

After moving back to Australia with my wife Emily three years ago our focus returned to our passion and joint love in business - Property! Since then we have been working in property development and sales and we hope to bring our knowledge, passion and expertise to the sale of your home.

Total Accountability

One Percent Property is a small, personal agency with a small team. I am the only point of contact for all clients and I handle all sales directly myself, as such I have total accountability for the entire process from start to finish and I will do everything I can to make sure that your sale is as quick and enjoyable as possible and that we achieve the best possible price for your home.

Honest Feedback

Our motivation behind starting One Percent Property comes from our background in property development and our desire to help other people, like us, sell their homes without the stress that can be present with some property sales. For us to achieve this mission, we will always deliver honest feedback to you and try to ensure you are happy with every step of the process.

Realistic Appraisals

My wife and I actively tackle multiple development projects every year. The most important part of this business is working out what the market will give us for our finished product, as such we have learned to appraise properties accurately and realistically.

A common method used in the real-estate industry to secure new clients is to state a high price and then condition the homeowner down to accept a lower price after they sign up to list the property. As a small agency only taking on a limited number of clients at a time, we cannot afford to play games like this so you will always get an honest opinion from us.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little bit about our business. If you would like a free appraisal of your home or you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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