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[VIDEO] How Can I Make Sure My Agent Is Not Lying To Me About Price?

Welcome to "The Big Q" where each week I will answer one big question that I hear every day from property owners.

This week I look at the big question of price.

Key points I discuss how to:

- Make sure you are focussing on the right issues when speaking to agents

- Get the agent to put their money where their mouth is before signing up to sell with them!

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Hi. Welcome to The Big Q with myself, Daniel Hooper from One Percent Property where every Sunday I will tackle one big question that homeowners, and vendors ask on a regular basis. This week, I'm looking at one of the most common questions that we ask and one of the most common concerns that vendors and homeowners have. And that is how can I make sure that an agent is not just lying about a prize to get the listing and then they're going to batter me down later and try to get me to accept a lower price than I want.

Well, the first really, really important point to think about when you're talking about price with an agent is that that's probably not the most important part of their appraisal of your home. Obviously you want to know what your property is going to sell for. Now, that is very important. But the actual price that an agent gives you, that's just the agent's opinion. What's more important is how the agent is going to market your home, how the agent is going to sell your home and how the agent is going to make sure that you actually get the best possible price that we can possibly squeeze out of the market, as opposed to just giving you a number that might not be achievable or might be underselling your home. So be really, really careful not just to focus on the price and not just to pick an agent because they're giving you a price, pick an agent because they've got a good strategy and they've got results and they can actually deliver on finding the best possible price and finding that premium buyer for your home.

Having said that, a really good way to make sure that an agent sticks to his word is to get the agent to give you a service guarantee. So every customer that I work with, I give them a written service guarantee. I sign the service guarantee. Service guarantee talks about my communication, my work ethic, the price, honesty, other standards that I need to adhere to. And most importantly, my obligation to do everything I can to be acting in the vendor's best interests and also to getting the best possible price that I can squeeze out of the market. I signed this, I give it to my clients. And if I do not perform, and I do not adhere to the service agreement, they can actually tear up our contract and they don't have to pay me any commission. So it's really, really important from my standpoint that people know that I'm telling them the truth and they know that I'm going to go to bat for their best interests. And the big question is if an agent is not giving a service guarantee, why not?

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