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One thing that has become really obvious to me over the last few years of buying, renovating and selling homes is that a property's market value can be affected massively by tiny little features of the home that a lot of the time are over looked by vendors. In this article we look at a few key aspects that you should focus on if you are trying to get your property market ready and want to sell quickly and at a great price!

1. De-Clutter

onerpercent, renovate, property, brisbane, australia
Too much stuff can make any room look small!

It is important to remember that although your belongings make your house a home, to other people they have no sentimental meaning and probably just make the house look cramped and cluttered. It is really important, if you are planning on selling your home, that you pack up as many of your belongings as possible and only leave enough to make the house look clean and spacious.

2. Clean, Repair and Potentially Renovate

onerpercent, renovate, property, brisbane, australia
This room could definitely do with an upgrade!

The first point should be obvious but it is something that many people overlook. If you are selling your home it is important to get it cleaned. Remember that the first impression of your home often drives the sales price and if your home is sparkling clean people will be much more likely to put in a good offer!

onerpercent, renovate, property, brisbane, australia
Kitchen upgrade, floors polished and a bit of paint!

Following this you need to do a once over of your home and check if there are any things that need repairing. It might be something as small as a busted down pipe but that $500 repair could realistically cost your $5000 in your sales price because the buyer sees it and starts to ask the question "What else is wrong?". The final idea would be to review your home and see if there are anythings that you might be able to renovate pre-sale. I am not suggesting you spend $50,000 on a full renovation but sometimes a bit of paint or some new fixtures can transform a room and add thousands to the value!

3. Sort out the Garden

I have often spoken of the gardens importance when it comes to selling your home. Remember that the first thing a potential buyer sees is going to be your front yard. What a difference it makes if the hedges are trimmed and the grass is green as opposed to yellow grass and over grown plants! You need to do everything in your power to make sure that buyer walks into your home with a positive mindset as it could be the difference between a sale and nothing!

onerpercent, renovate, property, brisbane, australia

4. Remove Personal Photos

Another thing we always suggest is that you remove all of your personal photos and memorabilia. It is important to remember that my goal as your agent is to convince the buyer that this is their next home and a big part of that is having them imagine themselves in the home so that an emotional attachment starts to develop. This can be a hard thing to do if you have photos of your kids and your pets all over the walls!

5. Stage For Sale

Many people debate the value of staging but from personal experience I am a massive advocate. I believe that staging can increase the value of a property by $10,000 or even more depending on the home. If you can stage the entire home that is fantastic, however if that is not possible then it would still be a good idea to get some accessories and decorative pieces to help accentuate your furniture.

onerpercent, renovate, property, brisbane, australia

Thank you so much for reading! As always this article is based on our experiences and point of view and should always be read as such!

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