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Kedron & Surrounding Suburbs Weekly Market Update 22.10.2020

Daniel from One Percent Property here with your weekly property market update.

This week I discuss:

- Lots of buyer activity across the state

- Kedron price growth 5-7x more than Greater Brisbane

- Big sales in our local area

- One Percent Property update

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Hi, this is Daniel from One Percent Property, here with your weekly market update on Thursday, the 22nd of October 2020. A special welcome to Kedron State High School family and friends. I hope you enjoy the video. So what has been going on in Queensland in property in the last seven days? We've had 1,404 sales across the state, which is a fantastic a result. Really, really good numbers showing a lot of properties changing hands. A lot of obviously buyer confidence in the market. Auction clearance rate of 62%, which is up on 56% last year. So again, a good result. And 29 sales across the Inner North area, Kedron and the surrounding suburbs. Which again, shows lots of properties changing hands, which is great news for homeowners and vendors alike.

Notable sales in the area this week, 26 Scott street in Kedron sold for $630,000. Number 4, hiding street in Enoggera sold for $680,000. And number 54 Russell street in Everton Park sold for $800,000. All really, really good prices. Shows a lot of strength in the market. Congratulations to everyone involved in those sales. This week, the figures showing Brisbane property prices are still moving in the right direction. 0.1% positive on last month. But if we hone in on Kedron and the surrounding suburbs, we can see that over the last two months we have a price growth of 1.5%. So that shows price growth in our local area of somewhere around five to seven times that have greater Brisbane as a whole, which is absolutely fantastic to see our local property prices leading the way as the growth suburbs in Brisbane.

At One Percent Property, we have 8 Malcolm street Enoggera the market. It's been on for two weeks. We've already had three offers, but it is still available. So if you're interested in a high end home, five bed, three bath, please give me a call. Number 10, Waratah Crescent in Springfield Lakes is under offer just 10 days. I always find it funny when people ask me, "Do you sell property in this suburb?" And I say, "Yes, I can sell property in any suburb." Because although my focus is on Kedron in the Inner North and my love is in that area and that's where I really have a passion, if I implement the right marketing campaign and focus on the right buyers, it will deliver results, as we have in Springfield Lakes there. 10 days under offer, higher than the asking price. The neighboring property directly next door took 501 days to sell and sold for about a hundred grand less than we have on our property.

So we're also launched this week, a 28 townhouse complex in Beerwah. This is a development still under process. It's not finished yet. So we're seeking essentially expressions of interests and presales. The Sunshine Coast market is going to explode. The population growth on the Sunshine Coast is forecast to absolutely explode over the next 10 years and this is a fantastic opportunity to get into the Sunshine Coast market at a really great price. The rental returns will be around 5% to 6% and there's a lot of opportunity for growth. So if you're looking for an investment, something that's going to be available around the second half of next year, please give me a call. 0424 585 391. There are 28 units available, I'm expecting them to sell quickly.

Coming next week we will also be launching two beautiful homes on the avenues of Kedron. One on fifth, one on sixth. We have a fantastic townhouse with a lovely courtyard and a really nice apartment, both walking distance to the Brook. So if you're interested and you're looking for a townhouse or an apartment in Kedron, please make sure to call me and I'll hopefully be able to get you through before the crowds.

Thank you for tuning into this week's property market update. If you would like to get an update of this specific value of your property based on all of these fantastic sales that are going on in the area, please go to our website linked below. There's a quick form there. Send me a few details about your home and I will get a property report out to you within 24 hours to give you an understanding of exactly where you stand in the current property market. Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope you've had a fantastic week so far and I hope the second half is even better.

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