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Kedron & Surrounding Suburbs Weekly Market Update 16.09.21

Weekly Property Wrap Up By Daniel Hooper Of One Percent Property⁠




16th September 2021

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Hi, I'm Daniel Hooper from One Percent Property, here with your Weekly Property Market Update for Kedron and the surrounding suburbs. So, what has been happening in our lovely area in Brisbane and in the beautiful state of Queensland in property over the last seven days? In Queensland, we had 1,508 sales, which is a really good number. Again, it shows a lot of properties changing hands, which is good news for homeowners and, obviously, people thinking about selling their home. 84% auction clearance rate, which is a massive number. Last week was 74%, so it's up significantly on that. This time last year was 36%. So, obviously, it shows you how much stronger the market is at the moment. High auction clearance rate means people are selling properties generally for the price they want, they're selling at auction and, obviously, they're getting a good result that's been agreed upon. And it's all good news for homeowners. And it's all good news for people thinking about selling their property. In the inner north, we had 37 sales in Kedron and the surrounding suburbs in the last seven days. It's another week of really, really great results across our area. So,

  • 6 Bay Street was a notable one in Kedron. It's basically a knockdown rebuild on Bay Street. It sold for $1.285 million, which is a massive price.

  • I sold 16 Dorrigo Street at auction this weekend, we got $1.29M for that one. That is the fifth highest price ever achieved in Stafford Heights, and it's also the highest price ever achieved for a single-level home. So, very happy with the result for that, very happy vendors and obviously very, very happy buyer.

  • 18 Falk Street is another one, that sold for a $1,120,000, which is actually the second highest price now for a single-level home. So, we got the highest price by over $150,000. So obviously a pretty good result there.

In the media this week, consumer confidence is up by 3% over the last seven days. That is obviously a national register. So, the improving state of affairs down south in New South Wales and Victoria is obviously, helping bring that up. As far as Brisbane goes, I think people are pretty confident with what's going on in the market here. Brisbane prices are up around 18.5% over the last 12 months. But just to give you an idea, that is the Brisbane average. It's taking into account, obviously, all of Greater Brisbane. So, if we zoom in on our local area, let's look at a few of our local suburbs.

  • Kedron in the last 12 months is up 30.1%,

  • Stafford is up 30.6%,

  • Stafford Heights is up 25.8%, and

  • Wavell Heights is up a whopping 37.2%.

So although the Brisbane average is 18.5, our local area, Kedron and the surrounding suburbs is actually performing significantly better. I mean, anyone that's looking at the market and watching property at the moment, can see how quickly prices are going up and how crazy some of the local results are. At One Percent this week, it's been another massive week:

  • 58 Mellor Street in Kedron is unconditional. I sold that in five days, we achieved $1.3 million for our vendors. Very, very happy vendors and very, very happy buyers because we had five, six offers on the table for that one. So they were happy to get over the line.

  • 53 Huxley Avenue in Alderley, again launched that on Monday, under contract on Saturday with 6 offers on the table. That one was a cash unconditional and we achieved $1.055,500 for that one.

  • 16 Dorrigo Street, I've already mentioned, sold at auction, $1.29 million, highest price ever achieved for a single level home by over $150,000 in Stafford Heights.

  • And 10/8 Clive Street, and that one's in Annerley⁠⁠ down south on the other side of the river. We launched that on Monday, had it under contract on Saturday, 6 offers on the table. The price we achieved for that property is the highest price ever achieved in the suburb of Annerley⁠⁠ for a three-bedroom town home.

Coming to the market, on the market, this week, we've got:

  • 22 Hindmarsh Street in Banyo. That property is a cracking little three-bedroom, one-bath. It's got a studio at the back, big yard, lots of space. It's a really, really good entry-level home. Get in touch, if you think you might be interested.

  • 8/6 Primrose Street in Bowen Hills, again, another fantastic entry-level property. It's got a big wraparound balcony. Very, very well-maintained.

  • We've got 1/2 Berwick Street in Fortitude Valley. It's a fantastic little investment or again, entry-level home.

A lot of really affordable properties that have come to the market this week, which is good for people looking in that 400,000 up to $700,000 range.

  • And 10/20 School Road in Stafford. It's a beautifully, well, actually very modern, but very, very well-maintained apartment in Stafford, walking distance to amenities. It's a cracking little property. It's a great investment, or it's also a good home, if that's what you're looking for.

If you think one of these properties might be what you're after, or if you're looking for a home and would like to chat about your criteria, or if you're selling, or you have any questions about the market, please give me a call: 0424 585 391. Otherwise, I hope you've had a fantastic week so far and I hope the weekend is even better.

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