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People say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I suppose this is true but for the person doing the imitating it can be so much more than just flattery. When used properly imitation can be a secret tool in your tool-belt to help you get ahead of the crowd and to ensure that you achieve your dreams and goals in life. It is important to note, before I get started, that you need to be careful how and what you imitate. If you directly copy a persons ideas you very well may end up in court over copy right infringement so I am definitely not recommending you do that!

So what do I mean by "Imitate your way to success"? Well, did you know that there are around 36,000,000 millionaires in the world today. These 36,000,000 people control around 50% of the total wealth of the world. That leaves the other 50% for the remaining 7.6 Billion of us.....I am assuming if you are reading this article that you want to be in the 36,000,000 and not in the other half? Now, this is an interest statistic but why is it relevant and how can it help us become successful?

Well there are 36,000,000 people living on the planet TODAY that have already got the formula right to create success and there are countless more who are not still alive. That is 36,000,000 different strategies for success that have been tried and tested and proven to work. 36,000,000 formulas to create wealth that you can draw upon to develop your own strategy....when I think about this I find it amazing that so many people still try to re-invent the wheel. Do you think when Toyota, who have produced around 200,000,000 cars to date, run a vehicle down the production line they follow a precise process or do you think they try to make it up as they go? Obviously, they follow a recipe that works....then why can we not apply the same to our own lives and our own development? Why not look at the lives of successful men and woman and imitate their strategies and their actions. Do not copy their ideas as this is unethical and usually illegal but there is nothing wrong with following their lead and imitating their actions!

So how do you work out who you want to imitate? I am sure anyone who is even slightly motivated to succeed has been told somewhere that the secret to success is to find a mentor. Ok, that is great but how on earth do you find a mentor? Finding a successful business person in your desired industry that is willing to spare his or her precious time to teach you the ropes is not an easy thing to do however, the age of social media has certainly made it a lot easier.

If you jumped back into the business environment of 40 years ago and you decided to try and find a mentor your task would be extremely difficult. You would have to find some target mentors (without Google) and workout which companies they run and what social-circle they hang out in. You would then have to work out how to get into these circles and no doubt you would not be able to get directly to your mentor so you would probably start networking at the bottom and it could take you years to finally even get an audience with your mentor. Once you get the audience you would need to persuade this successful, busy person to mentor you..... not an easy feat by any means.

I believe that the era of social media has changed the terms significantly and has made it possible to find and learn from mentors without even ever meeting them. It has been possible to learn about an entrepreneurs strategies for a long time through books and other publications but in the modern age you can follow the intricacies of their daily lives from what they have for breakfast to who they go on holiday with, as many successful business people share all aspects of their lives over various social media platforms. This is truly an opportunity that has never been present before and has the power to revolutionise how people find and learn from mentors.

With this in mind there are three key steps to Imitating Your Way To Success:

1. Create a 100% Affirmation To Succeed

Self confidence is a phrase that is used a lot in the business world but it is so incredibly important. If you are totally committed and you have a 100% affirmation in your own mind that you will, one day, achieve success this will give you two things.

- Persistence

If you want to succeed you need to be persistent. You need to know that failures are just small set backs that you will learn from and you need to be able to push through them.

- Drive

If you have 100% confidence in your future success you will have the drive to wake up every day and to work harder than everyone else. If you are not willing to do more than everyone else then you will live an average life just like everyone else!

2. Learn

No matter how far into your business journey you are you need to always be learning at every point you can. You need to try and be a sponge and to absorb as much information as possible. If you are just starting in your journey then try to read about lots of different industries and interests because there may be something you initially did not notice that becomes a love and passion and source of success for you. The more information you absorb the quicker you will realise what you enjoy and the more ideas you will have.

3. Find mentor(s)

Start to find and research the top people in your industry. Granted there will be some who stay away from social media and do not share their lives and lessons but there are so many who do.

A few examples of great people to follow:

Real Estate - Grant & Elena Cardone - Own around $800,000,000 of apartments in the USA

Sales - Russell Brunson - Founder of ClickFunnels (over $100,000,000 PA in revenue)

Media - Gary Vaynerchuck - Founder of Vayner Media (over $100,000,000 PA in revenue)

General Business - Richard Branson - Billionaire founder of Virgin

General Business - Sara Blakely - Billionaire founder of Spanks

All of the above people are extremely active on social media and they all love to share their knowledge and insights. If you follow their content you can absorb their lessons and apply them to your life.

It is a really simple concept - If you do the same actions as your mentors you will move yourself towards success every single day.

Thank you so much for reading! As always this article is based on our experiences and point of view and should always be read as such!

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