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How To Make Sure Your Home Sells As Quickly As Possible!

There is nothing worse, when selling your home, than having the process stretch out over months while you are battling with buyers to try and get the right price. Throughout the years I have experienced sales that took a matter of days and sales that have taken months and I can definitely tell you which one I preferred!

When selling a property there is an endless list of factors that can affect how quickly the sale happens and at what price the offers come in at. However, the most important of these factors can be narrowed down to three areas and it is these three areas that hold the key to a quick and enjoyable sale of your property!

1. Feel

This refers to how the buyers feel when they look around your property. If the home feels clean, warm and inviting then it is likely that the buyer will be inclined to put in an offer, however, on the other hand if the home is dirty and smelly the buyer's initial response will be a negative one and then you have to battle to bring them to see the positive aspects.

What affects the "feel" of a home

  • Is the home in a good state or are there damages to be fixed?

  • Is the home clean and tidy?

  • Is the yard well kept?

  • Does the home smell?

2. Style

It is common knowledge that the styling of a property can have a significant effect on the sale price but it will usually have an even larger effect on the time it takes a property to sell. If a home is styled well then buyers will be immediately attracted to the home and offers will start to roll in very early in the campaign. The importance of styling well starts even before the first open home, if a home is well styled then it will look great in the photos and this will attract more buyers to come and see the property!

When styling the average home for sale, it is important to keep it as simple as possible. Colours should remain neutral (whites, greys) with the occasional splash of colour from artwork or some cushions. The goal is to make the home look as new, clean and open as possible. If you have the funds then staging the property would be a fantastic idea, a properly staged home will almost always sell faster and for a better price.

3. Price

The final significant factor affecting the speed of a sale is fairly self-explanatory but the price must be reasonable. When you are looking to sell your home there is nothing worse than having the property go stale after being on the market for months and months. Usually the cause of this is the vendors trying to achieve a price that is not feasible in the current market. If similar houses to yours, in your suburb are selling for $550,000 - $650,000 then you are probably not going to get $800,000 for your home....unless there is something that sets it apart (large block size etc).

When planning to sell your home it is extremely important to price your house properly. The goal is to get the highest possible price that the market will offer, however if your price point is well above the market then, not only will you end up not selling quickly, but you will end up going stagnant and probably selling at a lower price after 6 months+ on the market.

Remember in these situations that the agent is there to help you sell your home! Having said that, it is always worth getting a number of agents to appraise your home to ensure an accurate price and then using this to set your price target. If all of the agents appraise the home in a similar price range then you are probably not going to achieve too much more than that....although as your agent we would try to get you the highest price possible!

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