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When it comes to selling a house there are infinite changes and upgrades that can be done however the funds available are usually limited so it is extremely important to focus your cash on the right areas that will increase value without costing an arm and a leg!

We have already discussed a variety of ways to increase your properties value in a previous article but it is also important to make the right style decisions because if you mess up here you could end up spending all of your cash and sending the property value down instead of up!

1. Light, Bright and Neutral Colours

We know that two of the best ways to make a home feel new and fresh and significantly increase its value are new paint and flooring. But it is really important to note that the selection of materials and colours is just as important as the actual task itself. When you are looking at paint it is important to stick with simple, bright and neutral colours. You should stick to greys and whites for the majority of the property with a splash of colour on a feature wall or maybe on your entry door! When I say colour I mean maybe a light not go with the neon pink or fluro green! Remember your goal is to have the property appeal to as many people as possible.

Bright and Beautiful With Neutral Colours

When it comes to floors you should go with carpets in the bedrooms and floor boards in the living area. Floorboards can be natural look laminate or vinyl (real timber in a higher end home) and the carpet should be a nice neutral grey tone...and make sure you don't skimp on the underlay! If you are in an older home there is a high chance you already have beautiful timber floor boards....if you do then the best option would be to sand and polish them and they will come up looking beautiful!

Original Floor Boards With Gloss Coat

2. Functionality

Functional Kitchen Space

So many homeowners these days focus all their efforts on making everything look sleek and modern but forget about functionality. If you are renovating your home for sale make sure to focus on both look and functionality. When buyers are looking through a home and imagining themselves living there you will run into big problems if something is positioned wrong. Some examples of this would be kitchen layout, doors opening into other doors, light switches at the wrong height, wrong tile choice for a certain area etc.

3. Open Plan Living

Open plan living is extremely popular at the moment and can really open up a house. Sometimes you can create an open plan living space by removing a single wall. When you are planning an entertaining area make sure to create a flow from the kitchen to the dining and living that feels natural and comfortable. It is also important to make sure there is ample storage in the kitchen as you do not want to be sitting in your living room looking at a cluttered kitchen space!

Open Plan Living

4. De-Clutter

You can have the best house on the street but if it is cluttered it will feel small and claustrophobic. If you are setting your property up to sell make sure you de-clutter by removing all the bits and pieces lying around the house. Box up all your little keep-sakes....they are sentimental to you but probably look like junk to a potential buyer. Also make sure you re-arrange the furniture to create space and flow in the house. It might be necessary to put some furniture in storage if you have too much.

Having the right styling can add massive value for your home and will make get a great price in a quick timeframe so make sure to keep these tips in mind when you are preparing your home for sale!

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