• Daniel Hooper

Brisbane Inner North Community Website

As a country and as a community we are experiencing something that has not happened in our lifetime and probably will never happen again.

Everyone is hurting and a lot of people in our community are really struggling.

I created this website as a way to try and help out where I can. There are pages for Kedron & Surrounding Suburbs restaurants and businesses that are still operating to let people know what they can offer. There is a page for people who need help and people who want to give help as well as those offering local job opportunities.

I have also included a page for regular property market updates and useful links to news and other websites that might help. As a real estate agent my area of knowledge is, of course, real estate in the local Kedron & Surrounding Area but I am not going to be focussing the next few months on selling homes instead I will be trying to focus on helping the community as much as I can and keeping everyone updated with whats going on and what the latest progressions are in the property market and the community as a whole.

If you have any questions at all or there is anything I can do to help or you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the site please get in touch!

I am confident we can get through this and come out stronger as a community!

Thank you

Daniel Hooper

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